Donate to the 2018 Annual Catholic Appeal

Using Your Credit or Debit Card

How much should I give?

Please consider a contribution of 1% of your annual income to support the Archdiocese. Last year's average gift to the Annual Catholic Appeal was $395!

If you gave last year, please consider increasing your gift by 5%. If you did not give last year, would you consider a gift of $365. Your donation will help provide the necessary services and ministry resources that can benefit all parishes.

Each year the ACA donation calendar runs for 12 months starting in April.

Payment Details

You will be charged $ for 12 You will be charged $ per month for 12 months You will be charged $ every 3 months for 12 years You will be charged $ every 6 months for 12 years You will be charged $ per year for 12 years

(Recurring payments rounded to the nearest cent)


Thank you very much for your donation to the Annual Catholic Appeal!

You should receive a confirmation email shortly, and the same email will be sent to your parish letting them know you made your donation.

Have a blessed day!